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Making it right - Eric Sharp

Pour me a coffee you can cut with a knife

I’m going to drive all the night through

I’ve been ruffling feathers the whole of my life

Now there’s something I have to do

Family occasions led to humiliation

And just seem to end in a fight

Coming out of the cold, back in the fold

I’m going to make everything right . . .

The Ladder - Eric Sharp

They are full of curiosity, bubbling with energy

As good as any children anywhere on earth

It’s not for lack of talent they grow up expecting nothing

They just have no conception of what they’re really worth

There’s little opportunity, no sense of aspiration,

No jobs waiting for them if they stay around this town

We try to plant ambition but it’s such an uphill struggle

This town’s been badly served and it can always bring them down . . .

The Alley - Eric Sharp

Someone has been fishing in our dustbins overnight

They must be disappointed, it’s not a pretty sight

There’s rubbish in the alley and the neighbour’s not too pleased

But we’re warm in our houses, while the poor are out to freeze

Dinner party chatter gets us off the hook

Passing them in doorways we don’t know where to look . . .